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Everyone loves skiing!

Everyone loves skiing!

Alles fahrt Schii

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And Snowli is right in the middle!

This winter, we will be holding the first Family Piste Spectacular with Gfröhrli, Schneeröckli, King Frost and Snowli, a fantastic party with après-ski hits from Marius Tschirky for children and all the family. Come and party with us!

Lonely old King Frost lives with his servant Gfröhrli in the perpetual ice at the North Pole. Because he is very lonely, he becomes increasingly bitter. After a visit from Schneeröckli one day, he decides that he never wants to be separated from her delightful company again.

Unfortunately, Schneeröckli has to travel back to Switzerland for the winter to help her friend Snowli teach the children to ski.

King Frost's anger knows no bounds and he immediately sets off for Switzerland where he locks Snowli in the ice palace. Now it is up to the children to free poor Snowli with the help of Schneeröckli and Gfröhrli and defeat King Frost.

Ordinary snowballs are just not enough. After all, they are made of King Frost's own element: snow and ice. Fortunately there are magic balls hidden all round the ice palace and throughout the ski resort. If the children collect enough magic balls when they are skiing and all throw them at King Frost's ice palace, the palace will collapse and Snowli will be freed!

Then everyone can celebrate at the long-awaited Snow Festival with musical entertainment from well-known Swiss children's bands.

The music album "Alles fahrt Schii" (everyone loves skiing) with winter hits for children and the remake of the classic hit of the same name by "Marius & die Jagdkapelle" is available in stores from December 2017. The Snowli hit is also on the album. The album will be officially released during the Swiss TV programme "Jeder Rappen zählt" (every penny counts) on 17 December 2017.

The Family Piste Spectacular will take place throughout the day on the following dates in the respective ski resort. Admission to the event is free and visitors of all ages are welcome to take part, compete and join the party.

  • 07. Januar 2018 Grüsch-Danusa
  • 13. Januar 2018 Engelberg
  • 20. + 21. Januar 2018: Gstaad
  • 27. Januar 2018 Andermatt
  • 11. Februar 2018 Wildhaus
  • 10. März 2018 Stoos
  • 11. März 2018 Hasliberg
  • 7. + 8. April 2018: Zermatt

Come and join in and help to free Snowli!