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Snowli and his friends

Snowli will help you learn to ski or snowboard!

Snowli, the wonderful creature with the long ears, will be at your side when you make your first attempts on the snow with skis or a snowboard.

Together with Snowli and his friends, you will have some unforgettable adventures in the snow.

Do you want to know how Snowli came to the snow and where you can meet him? On the following pages, you will find out more about Snowli’s story, his friends and his home.

Snowli’s story

How Snowli found his way to Earth

Snowli's home

Discover the Swiss Snow Kids' Village!

Snowli products

Snowli will remain your loyal companion – even after your holidays are over!

Snowli Hit

Snowli storms the charts!

This symbol indicates where you can meet Snowli in your Swiss Ski School.

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The Swiss Snow Kids Village

At the Swiss Snow Kids' Village, you can meet Snowli:

» The SSKV Ski
» The SSKV Snowboard

Snowli colouring sheet

Download Snowli and his friends to colour in.