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Here you will find a summary of the most important links for all kind of situations on and off the slopes.

Swiss Snowsports

National association of the Swiss Ski Schools


Detailed weather forecasts

  • Contact

    Federal Office of Meteorology and Climatology MeteoSwiss
    CH-8058 Zurich-Airport

    Weather forecast
    Tel. 0900 162 333
    (CHF 2.90/Min.)


Institute for Snow and Avalanche Research


Swiss Air-Rescue

  • Contact

    Swiss Air-Rescue
    Rega Centre
    CH-8058 Zurich Airport

    Emergency number: 1414


Swiss Council for Accident Prevention


The Swiss National Accident Insurance Fund

  • Contact

    Suva Headquarter
    Fluhmattstrasse 1
    CH-6002 Luzern

    Tel. +41 0848 820 820
    (max. CHF 0.08/min. in Switzerland)


Swiss Commissio n for the Prevention of Accident s on Snow Sport Runs

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