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Five expert tips for returners

Are you thinking of returning to skiing after a long break? Here are some tips to help you start skiing again.

1. Fitness

Prepare yourself physically for a return to skiing. This is a good exercise to see if your thighs are strong enough: squat and hold for at least one minute. If you cannot manage this, you should build up your muscles before taking up skiing again. A good way to do this is to climb the stairs as often as possible.

2. Equipment

Ask specialist personnel for advice on the choice of equipment. You shouldn't really use your favourite skis from the past for anything but mogul slopes. If your skis are less than 15 years old, take them to the sports shop to have their condition checked and bindings adjusted.

3. Ski resort

Choose a ski resort that has a good beginner slope. Then you can start skiing in a protected and stress-free environment and will make fast progress. The resort should also have some simple blue slopes to give you an easy transition from the beginner slope to the ski runs.

4. Ski School

Private instruction is recommended for returners. The ski instructor can then take care of you personally and target lessons to your individual needs. Effective exercises and individual tips will help you to regain your confidence on skis.

5. Motivation

And last but not least, look forward to lots of fun, snowy mountains, fresh air, the magic of the mountain huts, abundant snow, freedom and breathtaking natural beauty!

Insider tips from our experts

Alexander Taugwalder is a ski instructor at the Swiss Ski School in Ybrig and a Swiss-Snowsports-Expert.