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For both beginners and experts

It does not matter whether you are a beginner or an expert, we welcome all levels of experience. Because ski school becomes more and more interesting the better you can ski.

 You will be amazed what you can still learn with a snow sports instructor, even when you think “I can ski.”

You will find the Swiss Snow Kids’ Village and Swiss Snow League in all Swiss Ski and Snowboard Schools. The standard system of progressive levels means that you can easily change from one ski and snowboard school to another – without constantly having to learn a new system of methods and without arduous repetitions and assessment tests.

For the very young, we developed the concept of the Swiss Snow Kids Village. Snowli and his friends allow children to enjoy their first successful experiences in the snow in a playful yet also challenging way.

The Swiss Snow League follows on from the Swiss Snow Kids’ Village. It provides systematic instruction in snow sports from scratch.

When you have completed the Swiss Snow League, you can add the final polish to your skills in the Swiss Snow Academy.

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