Skischule nach Name

People you can trust

Your central point of reference is your snow sports instructor, the person who accompanies you across the snowy terrain and gives you instruction.
You can trust your snow sports instructor – they know the slopes, the terrain and the region like the back of their hand. Thanks to their experience on skis, they can also make a realistic assessment of the risks.

Your snow sports instructor is at home in the mountains. They know how to move around in the mountains and are familiar with the local conditions, customs and regional geography. 

You become a snow sports instructor when you have successfully completed a federal diploma course. This training course not only makes challenging demands on the technical ability of the future instructor but also requires a high level of social and language skills as well as personal competence. Only someone who has these characteristics can take good care of our varied and exciting guests.

The training programme to become a "Snow Sports Instructor with Swiss Federal Diploma" is modular. It consists of modular courses and practical sessions. The structure is identical for all snow sports equipment.

From the time of starting the training programme to being awarded the Swiss Federal Diploma, a snow sports instructor must get through 137.5 training days!