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Offers of the Swiss Ski Schools for experienced adult skiers

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How do you ski?

You are a good skier and feel at home on fairly steep slopes. You can master narrow, more difficult sections with parallel turns. Regardless of the level of difficulty of the slope, you skid most of your turns.


What can you expect?

The focus is on enjoyable and energy-conserving skiing. By refining the movements you make in the turns, you will develop a more balanced skiing technique and will be able to enjoy your downhill runs and conserve energy at the same time.

CARVING – Performance

How do you ski?

You are a strong skier, your tracks are already clearly carved on gentler slopes and you can control your speed well. On steep sections, the skis occasionally slide away from you and you lose control of your speed.


What can you expect?

You will be working with your coach to improve your carving technique and you will see a real difference when your learning progress is measured.

BACKCOUNTRY EXPLORER – Performance and Enjoy

How do you ski?

You are an ambitious skier and can ski on all slopes. However, you lose your lightness off-piste.


What can you expect?

You learn how to ski more safely and conserve your energy in deep snow. You and your coach work on ways of improving your skiing technique off-piste.

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