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PIXI booklet with Snowli

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The Ovo-Track

Be faster than Didier Cuche

Schneesportinitiative Schweiz

Wir helfen Schulen dabei, Kinder & Jugendliche für den Schneesport zu begeistern..


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Swiss Ski School for everyone

We have an exciting announcement: We are going to be on TV with the Marti family!

Swiss Ski School for everyone

The Swiss Ski Schools are running a national TV campaign for the first time ever. From 24 December onwards, there will be a number of humorous television commercials showing what winter sports enthusiasts from beginners to experienced skiers can learn with an official Swiss Ski School instructor.

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Swiss Ski School for everyone

Our services

Swiss Snow Kids Village

Snowli will help you learn to ski or snowboard! Snowli lives in the Swiss Snow Kids’ Village.
> from approx. 3 years of age (ski)
> from approx. 5 years of age (snowboard)

In the Swiss Snow League, you will learn to ski and/or snowboard from scratch.
> 4–5 years and over

Swiss Snow Academy

When you have successfully completed your training with the Swiss Snow League, you can fine-tune your skills in the Swiss Snow Academy.

For adults

Regardless of whether you're a beginner or an advanced skier or snowboarder - take advantage of tips and tricks from our professional ski instructors!

Our Ski Schools

Each of the 172 Swiss snow schools has qualified snow sports instructors who pass on their knowledge with great skill and dedication. As our guest, you are the focus of our attention! We will ensure you receive outstanding professional coaching in the Swiss mountains.

You can find all the necessary information and links for online reservation on your ski school’s website.

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