Skischule nach Name


Swiss Ski Schools + Ovomaltine + Didier Cuche = ?

The answer is easy: the Ovo-Track. The Ovo-Track fits perfectly into the different levels of the Swiss Snow League and makes the experience on skis even more exciting. To be able to complete the Ovo-Track, one needs to master different forms of skiing such as the skating step. If you are done with the Ovo-Track, you can see the lettering "Ovo" in the snow. That's quite cool, isn't it?

You want to improve your skiing skills? Challenge Didier Cuche and master the Ovo-Track in your Swiss Ski School to become an Ovo-Crack.

For sure, your Swiss Ski School will supply you with tasty products of Ovomaltine, so that you have enough energy for the completion of the Ovo-Track.

Ready to start? Come and visit one of the many Swiss Ski Schools which offer the Ovo-Track. You will find them here: