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Ski League

When you visit the Ski League, fun and learning progress are guaranteed. The focus is on your personal technique and you will acquire new skills and improve existing ones.

To make the most progress, choose the league that most closely corresponds to your current ability. To help you assess your current level, you can take a look at the Swiss Snow League videos.

Swiss Snow Kids Village Ski

Snowli will help you learn to ski!

  • For children from 3 years of age

Blue League Ski

Your skiing career is still in the early stages and you have great ambitions.

  • For children from 4 -5 years of age


Red League Ski

As an advanced skier, you will have fun improving your skiing skills.  

Black League Ski

Your goal is to ski dynamically and safely on all slopes.

This is how the SSLE works

Your progress is entered in the Snow League Booklet. To successfully complete a level, you need to have mastered all four forms of this level ...

... and you are then awarded the medal.

Where there is an SSLE

The symbol shows you which schools have a Swiss Snow League!

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